JUke is a four-piece, "post-blues," hybrid with a high motor and bottomless soul. 
Spearheaded by frontman/harmonica-whiz/singer, Eric Garcia, JUke's content touches 
on non-traditional subject matter while simultaneously keeping their crowd moving 
with a smile on their faces. The addition of Sonny East on guitar, Korian Hannah on the drums, and Marcel Salas on bass now have the band firing on all cylinders. 

JUke's high-energy live performances and imaginative 
lyrical depth have thrilled music fans at festivals such as Wanee, Hulaween, 
AURA, Magnolia Fest, and Orange Blossom Jamboree. Now, with that powerful 
new lineup behind Eric Garcia, JUke prepares to take their stories and 
shows to the next level!

Eric Garcia



We do NOT sell our music. Feel free to check us on Spotify by searching our band name:)

Our new album "Live & Fired" is up and ready to go!


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